Webinars and Workshops

Charting a Course to 30x30 for Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

CALSTART; CERES: Sustainability is the bottom line.CALSTART's Drive to Zero Program will lead a workshop to highlight various perspectives on the most instrumental drivers of market transformation. Fleet, manufacturer, environmental justice, and NGO voices will discuss what leading states and cities can do to most quickly and equitably drive transformation in commercial vehicles to deliver cleaner air for their communities.

When: September 23, 9:00-11:00am
Where: Click here to view recording

Plugging In: Electric Trucks in the Northeast

On June 25, 2020, the Clean Freight Corridors Working Group of the Northeast Diesel Collaborative (NEDC) hosted an interactive session to get ready for electric truck technology. The webinar looked at current state and outlook for technology and charging infrastructure, as well as what we in the Northeast can do to make adoption of these technologies by fleets and facilities viable and attractive.


  • Welcome - Abby Swaine, SmartWay and Clean Freight Programs, US EPA Region 1
  • Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero Program - Ben Mandel, Northeast Regional Director, CALSTART
  • Run on Less: Electric Trucks in Regional Haul - Dave Schaller, Industry Engagement Director, NACFE
  • New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program - Adam Ruder, Assistant Director, Clean Tranportation, NYSERDA
  • New York City Clean Trucks Program - Susan McSherry, Alternative Fuels Director, NYCDOT
  • Q&A / Discussion



Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Webinar Presentations

Electric cars at charging station
Photo credit: nrel.gov

On April 30, NEDC hosted a webinar on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies and applications. To learn more about this exciting technology that is changing the way we think of energy distribution and sustainability goals, check out the following presentations or feel free to contact us.

Webinar - Putting Public Dollars to Work: Voucher Incentive Programs for Cleaner Trucks and Buses

Webinar - Putting Public Dollars to Work: Voucher Incentive Programs for Cleaner Trucks and Buses

On December 4th, the NEDC and CALSTART hosted a webinar that looked at the benefits and opportunities of implementing medium-duty and heavy-duty clean vehicle voucher incentive programs (VIPs) in the northeast. The webinar included a presentation from CALSTART on VIPs and from NYC DOT on the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program and the multitude of emissions and community benefits that have resulted from this project.

The webinar presentations can be view here:

Check out the recent case study on the New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP) presented to the NEDC by CALSTART

NYT-VIP comprises three unique funds that provide voucher incentives for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and diesel emission control devices (DECDs) in New York. The first of these three funds are now available.

WEBINAR: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Ports and Shipping

Register today to join us on Thursday, March 14 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET for a complimentary webinar, in partnership with the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC).

Freight ship docking at a shipping portThe maritime freight industry has become a major focus for the move towards zero emissions since the International Maritime Organization set a goal of lowering emissions from the shipping sector by 50% from 2008 levels by 2050. Stakeholders from cargo handling equipment manufacturers and marine terminal operators, to shipbuilders and shipowners, are now considering hydrogen fuel cells as a pathway to zero emissions. However, as new hydrogen fuel cell technologies are developed and tested, manufacturers will need to work with operators to address logistical, operational, maintenance, and safety concerns to ensure a smooth transition away from petroleum-based fuel and internal combustion engines.

Participate in this webinar to gain insight into:

  • Findings from the CHBC's recently released Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Ports and Shipping Workshop Report
  • The opportunities and challenges for hydrogen and fuel cells within the ports and shipping sectors
  • The state of hydrogen fuel cell demonstration projects in shipping around the globe today and on the horizon

Voucher Incentive Program Workshop

On October 17, 2018 the Northeast Diesel Collaborative hosted a workshop on voucher incentive programs to advance clean diesel and regional air quality goals. To view speaker bios and presentations, see links below:

EPA Grants Award Process Webinars

EPA's Office of Grants and Debarment periodically hosts webinars for the EPA grants community. If you are interested in applying for EPA grants or are currently managing an EPA grant, please consider attending one of the upcoming webinars.

New Process for Submitting Grant Proposals to EPA

Starting January 1, 2018, EPA will require a new process called "Workspace" for submitting grant proposals/applications through grants.gov. On Dec 4th, EPA's Office of Grants and Debarment will host a webinar to provide training and a demonstration of the new process. No registration is required.

See https://www.epa.gov/grants/epa-grantsgov-workspace-training-grant-applicants-and-recipients for additional details about the webinar and for the latest information.

NEDC Clean Corridors Webinar Series #1 -The I 75 Green Corridor Project

View Webinar Presentation: New York Truck – Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP)

Northeast Diesel Collaborative Webinars

On June 4 and June 11, 2013, the NEDC hosted two webinars with updates and case studies including the NEDC Ports and Goods Movement Workgroup, NEDC Clean Construction Workgroup, City of White Plains Municipal Fleet Case Study, SmartWay, CMAQ Funding, Clean Cities and NEDC Partners Meeting "Save the Date".

To access the presentations please click here »